Power of Success for Women

September 8, 2016 | 8 AM – 5 PM

The Westin Harbour 1 Harbour Square
Toronto, ON

Rhonda Britten | Loretta LaRoche | Dr. Mary Donohue
Markay Latimer | Karen Baring | Vivian Risi

Power of Success for Women is a platform where women come to be inspired, educated and empowered by some of the world’s most celebrated and successful women. Speakers deliver presentations in the areas of Business Development & Finance, Health & Wellness.

All live and in person – one day that will change your life!

TORONTO | September 8, 2016 | 8AM – 5PM | The Westin Harbour 1 Harbour Square


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Rhonda Britten


Rhonda Britten - Emmy Award-winner, Repeat Oprah guest, Tedx Speaker, Huffington Post Contributor – has devoted her life to teach people how to master fear. She has created a method for anyone anywhere to master the insidious fear we all have of ‘not being good enough.’ What she teaches is what she’s lived.

Rhonda was the first Life Coach on reality television in the world. Best known for her work on the hit NBC reality show Starting Over, she was named its most valuable player by The New York Times and "America's Favorite Life Coach" by TV Guide. To date, Rhonda has altered lives in over 600 episodes of reality television in more than 25 countries and impacted millions worldwide.

Rhonda is a recipient of the “Smart Women of the Year” Award, a blog favorite at HuffingtonPost.com, speaks at TedX and for numerous corporations and organizations such as; Southwest Airlines, Blue Shield of California, Northrup Grumman and many more.

Her Fearless Living Institute is considered the Ivy League of Life Coaching Training. She also hosts Train-the-Trainer Programs using her work as the foundation to educate the world.

Rhonda’s four books include her bestselling Fearless Living, which shares her groundbreaking work called the Wheel of Fear, Change Your Life in 30 Days, Fearless Loving and Do I Look Fat in This.

Loretta LaRoche


Loretta LaRoche is an acclaimed speaker, author and international stress expert and humor consultant who has evoked wit and irreverent humor on her audience for over 30 years. Using humor to reframe a stressful situation, Loretta captures a new perspective on the difficult parts of life. Her teaching style, credibility and incontestable humor are integral parts to her compelling presence.

She is founder and president of The Humor Potential, Inc, a company offering programs and products for life style management. Loretta’s special brand of optimistic psychology has an undeniable positive effect on the health of all that are exposed to her.

She is a well-recognized TV personality on PBS with seven one-woman television specials airing on 80 PBS stations across the country. She has been nominated for local and prime time Emmy Awards, and has appeared on CNN, ABC, NBC and FOX affiliates.

Dr. Mary Donohue


Named as one of the 18 Outstanding Women In Tech, in 2015, by RdigitalLife, and Diversity MBA’s top 50 under 50 in 2015, Dr. Donohue is a passionate advocate of revolutionizing today’s workforce training through technology and internal talent. She believes passionately in the art of conversation, the value of team and outcome based training.

A cancer survivor who worked with Paul Newman, learned from Robert Kennedy Jr, made her movie debut with former Toronto Mayor David Miller, and was briefly (very briefly) a Supreme with Diana Ross, Dr. Mary Donohue is often described as a force of nature. As Founder of the Donohue Mentoring System™ she designs communication training that provide people with a roadmap to become people developers and achieve a better work/life balance.

Dr. Mary is a world-renowned speaker and TEDX presenter, television personality and columnist. Her work appears in the Huffington Post and Financial Post. Dr. Mary’s third book is The Power of Two. She also co-authored a best seller with Jack Canfield, of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame, as well as Deepak Chopra. She currently serves as Adjunct Professor of Business at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Through her work, Dr. Donohue seeks to inspire people to become ethical leaders, one conversation at a time.

Markay Latimer


Markay Latimer has taught thousands of students from across the country how to trade the stock market and potentially use that information to improve their financial lives.

Her reputation has grown nationally for her mastery of reading and interpreting a stock’s chart. She teaches students how to squeeze every potential drop of information from those charts, so that they can make smarter decisions about their personal investments.

Ironically, Markay became a believer in the power and importance of charting only after setting out to prove they were meaningless. Instead she wound up confirming their value! That information is now the basis of her six best-selling educational DVDs.

Markay is a wife and mother of three, can empathize with students who are looking for new ways to create income. She understands the stress and demands that life puts on women and is eager to help her students learn the answers to their financial questions. Her friendly nature and can-do attitude has helped make Markay a favorite at live events and online classrooms.

Karen Baring


Karen is the CEO of BusiWomen, a network of female business owners that support and promote each other, sharing lots of laughter along the way. Soon after opening her primary business in 2008, Karen realized while fostering ties with other business owners that she loved helping others achieve success in their businesses. “It’s not only who you know,” Karen says, “but who knows you”. Many business transactions are based on using the products and services of people you know, like and trust. Karen believed women would benefit from a group where they could grow their networks and businesses in a friendly, welcoming environment. She soon founded BusiWomen. Bringing together the group every month, Karen helps entrepreneurs establish professional and social ties in the community, develop public speaking and presentation skills, and forge meaningful, reciprocal business connections. It’s not just business card collecting. The women share their challenges and successes, advice and insights, and generate and contacts and leads. Karen strives to ensure every meeting remains light-hearted and fun. She likes to say “just because you are work doesn’t mean it has to be boring”. The Busiwomen network is large and growing.

As a small business coach, Karen helps devise business strategies, market products and services and develop brands. She champions creating a business plan – what she calls a road map – for even the smallest businesses. Having started and grown several businesses of her own, Karen shares her knowledge through coaching more than 100 women each month through one-on-one mentoring so they can do the same themselves. With a keen ability to connect with people, she helps them better understand themselves, the impact of confidence on business success, and how to bust out of old mindsets that aren’t working.

Karen is an influential international guest speaker, bringing humour and warmth when she speaks about a range of topics, including talks about the people you surround yourself with, personality languages and types, leadership and more.

She and her husband, Darin – yes, that’s ‘Karen and Darin’ – live in the Greater Toronto Area. She answers to ‘Mom’ from their two young children.

Vivian Risi


Vivian Risi – Founder/President of Your Community Realty Inc., Award Winning Female Entrepreneur, Industry Leader, Philanthropist and Inspirational Speaker.

Inspired by her vision of becoming a successful female entrepreneur, at the tender age of 18 years old Vivian embarked on her journey in real estate with passion and enthusiasm. Balancing her time between raising three young children and growing her sales business, Vivian quickly realized that achieving her goals in a male dominant industry would require strength, focus and determination. Her creativity, innate business skills and customer-focused approach quickly earned her award winning status. Today, those same traits serve as the foundation to her successful career as Owner/President of Canada’s largest Royal LePage franchise – Your Community Realty Inc. With 12 locations, over 1000 realtors and a reputation for dominating her local markets, Vivian continues to carve her own path as a leader in the real estate space. Her work and philanthropic efforts have been recognized by various organizations – earning herself the Royal LePage Philanthropist of the Year award (2008), City of Vaughan Philanthropic Business Person of the Year award (2013), Consumers Choice Award Business Excellence – GTA North (2015 and 2016), Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce Mayors Award (2012), York Region Business Excellence award (2013) as well as the prestigious, YMCA Peace Medallion award (2009).

Vivian shares her secrets to success and why she stands behind her brand promise “People come first – and it shows!”.

Jessica Holmes


Jessica Holmes, a favourite on CBC TV’s Royal Canadian Air Farce, has brought the house down opening for giants such as Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Peters, Jerry Seinfeld, and Oprah Winfrey. Her hilarious and validating take on life’s challenges have audiences in stitches, and her unique knack for skewering celebrities (including Nikki Minaj, Liza Minelli and Celine Dion) launched her to the top of Canadian comedy. Her grace, bilingualism, and ability to react on the fly make her a natural choice as an entertainer or emcee, and she has garnered rave reviews for her wellness and motivational presentations.

What you will learn

Leadership & Performance

  • Authentic Leadership Skills – How to create an environment of trust, responsiveness and appreciation amongst your team

  • Enhance corporate culture by incorporating humour and compassion into your leadership style
  • Attract, motivate and retain top performers within your organization

Personal & Life Success

  • Focus & Perseverance - Find internal strength and resilience during challenging times
  • Emotional State Management – How to manage emotions and build positive momentum and confidence about the future
  • Overcome obstacles and move toward your goals

Health & Wellness:

  • Living a healthy life while balancing a demanding career
  • Stress Management and work life balance
  • Experience more laughter, passion and vitality in your life

Who Should Attend

  • People with desire to learn and grow
  • Senior Leadership Professionals
  • Human Resources
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Administrative Professionals
  • Health & Wellness Practitioners
  • Public Service Officials
  • Public Affairs
  • Public Relations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Educational Professionals
  • Managers & Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Students

Why You Should Attend

  • Meet and interact with like minded people and build your professional network
  • Enhance interpersonal communication and leadership skills
  • Experience real life stories from women who have a passion and desire to share their triumphs and challenges
  • Food for the mind and nourishment for the soul!
  • Team Building and Client Hosting at its Very Best! 
  • Because You Deserve the Very Best – a day to Laugh, Learn and Celebrate the Human Spirit!


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